Harmon Foundation

The Harmon Foundation Film

William E. Harmon (1862-1928) was a wealthy real estate developer who became interested in the achievements of African Americans during the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920's. In 1922 he established the Harmon Foundation in New York City to recognize those achievements not only in the fine arts, but also in business, education, farming, literature, music, race relations, religious service and science. His hope was that exposing those achievements would break down racial barriers.

The ten-minute film dedicated to Xavier University was photographed entirely on campus in the 1930'Äôs and was presented as part of the Harmon Foundation'Äôs series 'ÄúNegro Schools in American Education'Äù shown to American audiences in movie houses, etc.¬† The footage depicts numerous aspects of XU campus academic & social life more than seventy years ago!

Enjoy this nostalgic visit to the campus that Katharine Drexel and the Sisters of The Blessed Sacrament established slightly more than a decade before these scenes were filmed. Then be comforted in the knowledge that, more than seventy years later, the mission continues today!

Xavier University of Louisiana