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Applying to Xavier University of Louisiana

Here at Xavier, we recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate that each student is unique. As such, our admissions application process allows each student the individual attention throughout the review and decision process.

Xavier University of Louisiana uses a holistic assessment of a student's completed application when making admissions decisions. All submitted information is considered by the admissions committee before a decision is made.

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Sending Your Materials to XULA

Applicants are able to send materials to Xavier a number of ways:


Can be sent to XULA at:
1 Drexel Drive
P.O. Box 132
New Orleans, Louisiana 70125

Test Scores

Test scores should be sent directly to XULA from the Testing Agency using the following XULA codes:

XULA SAT Code: 1618
XULA ACT Code: 6975

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Counselor Recommendation

Each Applicant applying direct from high school must have a counselor recommendation form that can be found here:

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Admission Requirements


  • 1.    An application for admission. The University expects that answers to all questions on the application be accurate and truthful. Any falsification of information in the application may result in denial of admission or University disciplinary action. Applicants are encouraged to use one of the on-line applications.
  • 2.    A transcript of credits from a regionally- and/or state-accredited high school indicating that the applicant has, or will complete, a minimum of sixteen academic units of secondary school work in college preparatory subjects, which include:
    • English - 4 units
    • Mathematics - 2 units (including Algebra)
    • Science - 1 unit
    • Social Science - 1 unit
    • Languages or Other Academic Electives - 8 units
  • 3.    Students interested in majoring in any of the mathematics-related fields (accounting, computer science, mathematics, mathematics education, or any of the natural sciences) ideally should have four years of college preparatory mathematics courses, including two years of algebra, one of geometry, and at least one semester of trigonometry. It is recommended that natural science majors, in addition to the above-mentioned mathematics courses, should also take biology, chemistry and physics in high school.
  • 4.    Applicants who have not completed a regular high school program but who have taken the General Education Development test and obtained satisfactory grades may be admitted by presenting a high school equivalency certificate in lieu of a complete high school transcript. These certificates may be obtained through a student's State Department of Education.
  • 5.    Scores from the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or the American College Testing Program (ACT). Scores from tests taken between April of the junior year and January of the senior year are preferred.
  • 6.    Recommendation from high school counselor


  • 1.    Complete and submit the Online Application.
  • 2.    Present an official copy of his/her transcript from each college-level institution attended. Applicant should be in good standing with the institution or eligible to return to it.
  • 3.    If applicant has fewer than 20 semester hours of transferable credit, secondary school records and standardized test results (ACT or SAT) may be required.
  • 4.    A resume or statement of activities may be required to account for extended periods of non-enrollment.

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Application Priority Deadlines for the College of Arts

Applications received after the deadline will be considered provided there are slots available in the incoming class.

Freshman Applicants

  • Fall - March 1st
  • Spring - December 1st

Transfer Applicants

  • Fall - June 1st
  • Spring - December 1st

International Applicants

  • Fall - March 1st
  • Spring - September 1st

You may apply to Xavier University of Louisiana using one of two application methods. The preferred method is using one of the online applications. If you have already applied, please CLICK HERE to check your application status.

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