Annual Fund

Annual Fund

Your annual gifts through the Annual Fund go to work immediately to meet Xavier's most important needs and priorities.

Every year, Xavier's alumni, parents and friends give, and these contributions help fund scholarships, support great faculty, and underwrite new academic programs. Unrestricted gifts through the Annual Fund give the University critical flexibility to spend gifts where the need is greatest . Annual gifts from alumni, parents and friends provide the essential annual income for Xavier.

Here's what The Annual Fund gifts do:

Support Scholarships
By providing resources for scholarships, The Annual Fund ensures that deserving students from diverse backgrounds to have an opportunity to get a Xavier University education.

Support Faculty Teaching and Research
Our faculty members are committed teachers, distinguished scholars and researchers. The Annual Fund helps to recruit and secure excellent faculty that serve as resources and mentors to Xavier students.

Support Student Life
Outstanding co-curricular programs, and student life programs prepare Xaverites to be the next generation of leaders.

Support Student Research
With the assistance of the Center for Undergraduate Research students have the opportunity to publish and conduct research that will help them to better understand their field of study while making an impact o ntheir community.

Support Technology and Libraries
Students and faculty need flexible and collaborative learning spaces in which to do their work. Your Annual Fund gifts will provide seamless digital access to information in all formats along with friendly, expert support from staff.

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Lacrecia Jones

Annual Fund Manager
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Annual Fund