Partner Liaisons

University of California, Davis
Dr. Steve Lee

The University of Chicago
Dr. Regina Dixon-Reeves and Ms. Janine Franklin

Boston University School of Medicine
Dr. Andrew J. Henderson 

Dartmouth College
Dr. Jane B. Seibel

Dr. Paula Gregory and Dr. Allison Augustus-Wallace

University of Wisconsin
Dr. Janet Branchaw and Dr. Amber Smith

ICahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Dr. Matthew O'Connell and Dr. Reginald W. Miller

New York University 
Dr. Joel Oppenheim

Emory University
Ms. Amanda Marie James

Northwestern University
Mr. Damon L. Williams


Meharry Medical College
Dr. Evangeline Motley

Tulane University 
Dr. Quincy Brown

Tulane University Health Science Center
Dr. L. Gabriel Navar

Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Dr. Lizheng Shi and Dr. David Seal 

Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Juliette Lecomte

University of Rochester
Dr. Vivian Lewis and Ms. Ashley Campbell

George Washington University
Dr. Jeffrey Brand

UC San Francisco
Dr. Mitchell D. Feldman

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Dr. Victoria Freedman