Faculty Pilot Research Projects

To assure engagement of Xavier students in quality research experiences, it is important to have a faculty who are nationally research competitive. Toward this end, to address the need for junior faculty mentoring and release time, the need to expand Xavier’s collaborative research network, and to expose our undergraduates to a broader range of research opportunities mentored and guided by a Xavier and often a partner institution faculty member, pilot projects are being funded. Initially it was anticipated that 5 pilot projects per year would be awarded. However, Xavier was able to partner with two other programs and awarded 13 projects in year 2 engaging 32 students. Pilot Project applicants/awardees fall into one of the following two categories: (1) recently hired faculty who need start-up funding and (2) more experienced, but untenured investigators with current or recently terminated external grant support who are seeking bridge funds to keep their laboratories functioning while they seek longer term external funding. Pilot project PIs are expected to work with BUILD Scholars and other Xavier undergraduates seeking research experiences to develop a well-defined research experience and, where applicable, to identify a collaborator from a partner institution who also will involve students in their lab during the summer. In addition, the Xavier investigator is required to participate in BUILD related activities such as mentor training workshops, grant writing workshops and relevant inter-institutional research seminars.