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Support Personnel

Elena Skripnikova, PhD

Location: Pharmacy Qatar Pavilion room 411
Expertise: PCR, Real Time PCR, Protein Isolation and Characterization, Protein expression (bacterial and mammalian), Cell Culture (bacterial, mammalian and plant), Enzyme kinetics, Cloning
Contact Email: eskripi@xula.edu

Elena Skripnikova has PhD in Biochemistry and specialized in a broad range of techniques of molecular biology and biochemistry.
She can provide support in handling experiments related to protein, RNA and DNA isolation and characterization, protein and gene expression, which includes cloning, PCR, Real Time PCR, Western blots, transfections etc.
Pathway-focused gene expression analysis using PCR array plates (SA Biosciences), Experion and MyiQ Real Time PCR detection system (BioRad) is also available.

Peng Ma, M.A.

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Location: Pharmacy Qatar Pavilion, room 411
Expertise: Cell Culture and Bioassays
Contact Email: pma@xula.edu


LCRC Program Manager
Stephanie Wiebke
Located in room 425B COP

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