Cultural Activism

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Continuing Education for Middle and High School Teachers

CULTURAL ACTIVISM IN THE CLASSROOM is a 6-week (50 hour) course designed for Middle and High School Teachers in all subjects.  Our objective is to help you increase your students’ capacities as learners and leaders through collaborations with artists and organizers in your community.

The curriculum is based upon Beginner’s Guide to Community-Based Arts 2nd Edition by Keith Knight and Mathew Schwarzman, and adaptable for Common Core Curricula in English/Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, History and Health.   Other texts include The Teacher as Cultural Worker by Paolo Freire and Learning On Display by Linda D’Acquisto.

    • Priority Registration Deadline:  Friday, August 31
    • Student/Faculty Mixer:  Tuesday, October 2
    • Begin Date:  Wednesday, October 3
    • End Date:  Tuesday, November 13

Each week, you will engage in a personalized series of learning activities that include reading, watching videos, blogging, live discussions and experimentation with course content in your classroom.  The first week, you learn what it means to “Find the Heartbeat of Your Community;” try out a related learning activity called a “Cultural Inventory” with yourself and then your students; and then share your experiences with your cohort in writing and in real time discussion.  Except for one hour of live conferencing each week (Tuesdays from 6-7 p.m. Central Time) you move through the course on your own schedule.

Each program cohort is small (maximum of 20) and each student chooses a personal coach in either Visual, Performing or Media Arts Education.

    • Ron Bechet, Visual Arts Coach, M.F.A., Yale University
    • Lisa Flanagan, Performing Arts Coach, Ph.D., Louisiana State University
    • Mathew Schwarzman, Lead Instructor and Performing Arts Coach, Ph.D., California Institute for Integral Studies
    • Tia Smith, Media Arts Coach, Ph.D., Ohio State University
    • Joelle Worm, Curriculum Consultant, M.P.A., City University of NY