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What is a Confucius Classroom?

The Confucius Classroom is set up with the purpose of enhancing understanding and friendship between the young people of China and the Unites States by sponsoring courses of Chinese language and culture in primary, middle and high schools. A "Confucius Classroom" is generally one school or several schools within an school district that may include one or more classrooms. The Confucius Classroom program aims to help schools which are willing to start their Chinese language program to their students and schools which already have the Chinese language program to make the program better developed.

XULACI Confucius Classroom

In August 2015, three schools (Audubon Charter, Lusher Charter School and Warren Easton Senior High School) were awarded the first ever Confucius Classrooms in Louisiana. These Confucius Classrooms will be able to receive annual grant funds from the Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing China with the coordination of the Xavier CI.

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