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Amy Bellone Hite, PhD
Associate Professor and Head

Sociology Internships

Internships are instrumental for:

  • Defining career and graduate school plans.
  • Learning how to interact in a professional setting
  • Networking with professionals
  • Applying sociology in “real world” settings
  • Gaining experience identifying and seeking a desirable professional position.
  • Translating the skills and knowledge of a sociology major to professional contexts.

Sociology majors may only receive a total of 3 credits for internship experiences (SOCI 4950), but are encouraged to seek internship placements throughout their time at Xavier.

SOCI 4950 Sociology Internship

This formal internship course offers students a better sociological understanding of a particular field through sustained engagement in an applied setting (e.g., substance abuse, health care, law enforcement, family services). Unlike simply completing an internship, volunteering, or a job, the internship course allows students to combine practical field experience with the theoretical approaches they learn in the classroom. Also unlike simply completing an elective internship, the internship course has significant additional requirements in advance of, during, and at the conclusion of the internship.
Each internship is different, but students enrolling in SOCI 4950 should be prepared for several common requirements:

Requirements for Enrolling in SOCI 4950

  • completion of at least 12 hours of sociology coursework;
  • junior or senior classification;
  • instructor approval documented in a Faculty Mentor Agreement form;
  • completed an Internship Application;
  • following policies outlined in Guidelines and Policies Governing Sociology Internships.
  • resume and portfolio;
  • completed plans before the start of the semester during which they intend to enroll
  • maintaining the highest professional standards in completing the internship (punctuality, reliability, confidentiality, communication, professional behavior and attire)
  • a minimum of 110 hours at the internship site. This may include specific training to complete the internship. Work and class schedules must be adjusted accordingly.
  • maintaining a log of hours and activity
  • arranging for formal evaluation by an on-site supervisor at the conclusion of the internship
  • a final paper or project, as defined in your SOCI 4950 course syllabus.

Sample Internship Placements

The following are a list of agencies and organizations at which sociology majors interned in recent years:
ACCESS Pregnancy 
Alliance Institute of New Orleans 
Bridge House/Grace House Rehabilitation 
Broadmoor Improvement Association 
CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children 
Catholic Charities
Community Commitment Education Center
Cowen Institute
Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center 
HBCU Behavioral Health Grant Internship Program in Substance Abuse Awareness
Juvenile Regional Services/LA Center for Children’s Rights 
Laurel Elementary School (social work office) 
Louisiana Bucket Brigade 
Louisiana State University School of Medicine
New Orleans City Council
New Orleans Neighborhood Partnership Network – Parents First Campaign 
New Orleans Civil District Court
New Orleans Police Department
Ochsner Therapy/Rehabilitation Services
Restaurant Opportunities Centers United 
Operation Hope
Sankofa Community Development Corporation 
The Innocence Project 
The New Orleans Health Department 
Voyage House
Warren Easton High School (counseling center)
Xavier University Counseling and Wellness Center
Youth Empowerment Project