Department of English

Dr. Thomas Bonner, Jr.

Professor of English, Emeritus

** former Kellogg Professor of English, and Chair

Ph.D., Tulane University 
M.A., Tulane University
B.A., Southeastern Louisiana University

Specialties: American Literature (Poe, Chopin, Faulkner), World Literature

Since 2008, Dr. Thomas Bonner, Jr. has been Professor Emeritus, generally teaching one course each semester in American literature and related fields. Formerly, he was editor of Xavier Review and its press. Twice he has served as Distinguished Visiting Professor at the United States Air Force Academy. He has written studies of William Faulkner and Kate Chopin and other writers as well as poetry and fiction. He still finds inspiration in Chaucer’s country parson, who practices what he preaches, and like writer Booth Tarkington he takes his work seriously but not himself.

Professor Bonner may be contacted at: (504) 520-7481 or by e-mail at
Office Location: Admin. 320-F