Department of English

Literary Reading Series

Director: Dr. Biljana D. Obradovic

Xavier University's Literary Reading Series has included these writers in the past:

Amiri Baraka, Jerry McGuire, Darrel Bourque, Reginald McKnight, Erna Brodber, Patrice Melnick, Jericho Brown, Ethelbert Miller, Paula Closen Buck, Lenard Duane Moore, Maxine Cassin, Lupenga Mphande, Christopher Chambers, Kay Murphy, Richard Collins, Niyi Osundare, Philip Dacey, Michele Pichon, Joel Dailey, Domnica Radulescu, Toi Derricotte, Hilda Raz, Gregory Donovan, R. Flowers Rivera, Nikky Finney, Mona Lisa Saloy, Michael Harper, Marcia Southwick, Terrance Hayes, Henry Taylor, Charles Fort, Gloria Wade-Gayles, John Gery, Patricia A. Ward, Major Jackson, Bruce Weigl, Allison Joseph, Xiaobin Yang, Agymah Kwadwo Kamau, Leo Luke Marcello, and many others! 


Fall 2016 XU Reading Series :

September, 2016          poet, Mona Lisa Saloy, Second Line Home, New Orleans Poems  (Kirksville: Truman State University Press, 2014)

Coming from: Dillard


October 20, 2016         poet, Carolyn Hembree, Rigging a Chevy into a Time Machine and Other Ways to Escape a Plague (Trio House Press, 2016)

Coming from: UNO


Spring 2017 XU Reading Series:

February, 2017            poet, Jonathan Moody, Olympic Butter Gold (Evanston TriQuarterly/Northwestern University Press, 2014.

                                    Coming back fro: Houston, TX (for YMTF and P&W)


March 2017                 poet, Lola Haskins (coming from Florida)