Department of English

English Education Program

Required Courses

B.A. in English/English Education - click here for details

English/English Education offers a Bachelors of Arts degree in English that prepares students for classroom teaching as well as graduate school in the English and humanities. It also prepares students for education certification to teach English in grades 6-12.

English/English Education majors are required to pass a senior comprehensive examination and must attend all departmental (English Club) meetings.

The English/English Education program requires 120 semester hours to earn the degree. In addition to core curriculum requirements, students must pass the following classes (classes for which grades other than Pass/Fail are given must be passed with a grade of "C" or higher): EDUC 1000 (Teacher Prep.), EDUC 2005R (Praxis: Reading), EDUC 2005W (Praxis: Writing), EDUC 2005M (Praxis: Math), EDSC 4061T (Student Teaching), EDUC 2040 (Exceptional Child), EDUC 2044 (Class Management & Organization), EDUC 2200 (Multicultural Education), EDUC 3005L (Principles of Learning & Teaching), EDUC 3040 (Educational Psychology), EDUC 4005S (Praxis Specialty Area), EDUC 4060S (Student Teaching Seminar), EDUC 4090 (Adolescent Psychology), ENGL 3310 (Teaching Writing), ENGL 3320 (Teaching Literature), ENGL 2200 (Grammar), ENGL 2070 (British Lit. I), ENGL 2080 (British Lit. II), a choice of ENGL 3010 (Medieval Lit.) or 3021 (Renaissance Lit.) or 3070 (Restoration/18th Century Lit.), a choice of ENGL 3210 (Romanticism) or 3221 (Victorian/Early 20th Century Lit.) or 3270 (20th/21st Century British Lit.), ENGL 3160 (American Lit. I), ENGL 3170 (American Lit. II), a choice of ENGL 3185 (Special Topics in African American Lit.) or ENGL 3280 (18th/19th Century African American Writers) or ENGL 3290 (20th/21st Century African American Writers), a choice of ENGL 3040 or ENGL 3050 (Shakespeare), ENGL 4000-level Seminar, and an ENGL Elective (for seniors with 3.5 GPA in English, this could be ENGL 4500 Senior Thesis, which takes the place of the Senior Comprehensive Exam.)

Students should consult with their advisors each semester. Education majors should consult the Division of Education section in the catalog for requirements to be formally admitted into Xavier's Teacher Education program.