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Xavier University's Department of English is proud to host TWO minors that focus specifically on student writing.  The Creative Writing (CRWT) minor was established in the 1990s. The Professional Writing (PRWT) minor was approved by Academic Council in 2015.

Why is Professional Writing important?

The College Board's National Commission on Writing reported that two-thirds of salaried workers employed by large U.S. companies hold positions that require writing. The same report deemed writing a "threshold skill" that comes into play not only during the hiring process, but when being considered for promotion.

Studying Professional Writing can help to strengthen your skills and give you confidence in your abilities.

Why choose XULA's PRWT minor?

XULA's PRWT program was designed to develop the skills of the good writer who wants to be a great writer, yet does not want to study literature or create it.

The PRWT program was designed with care. Two courses utilize the workshop method of teaching, which encourages participants to learn through critique (their own and the instructor's) and discussion. One course focuses on the intricacies of grammar, and another instructs students in the what's and how to's of technical writing. With the basics out of the way, the student then takes two more courses of his or her choosing, thereby sculpting the curriculum according to individual interests or needs.

The 18-credit hour Minor in Professional Writing requires:
  • PRWT 2000: Professional Prose 

  • PRWT 2070: Creative Nonfiction

  • PRWT 2200: Modern English Grammars

  • PRWT 3155: Technical Writing

  • and TWO of the following choices, adding up to an additional 6 hours:

    • PRWT 4000: On-campus Writing Apprenticeship

    • PRWT 4001: Off-campus Writing Apprenticeship

    • MSCM 2222: Introduction to Converged Media Writing

    • MSCM 2500: Intermediate Converged Media Writing

    • CRWT 2070: Creative Nonfiction

    • ENGL 3003: Special Topics: Science Writing

    • Any 3-hour writing course that is approved by the PRWT Director.

Prerequisites: a grade of B or better in ENGL 1000/1010 and ENGL 1020/1023H is required. 

No grade lower than a C may be applied to the minor.

Can't choose between CRWT and PRWT?

You don't have to. XULA offers the Double Concentration option (12 hours of CRWT; 12 of PRWT) to those interested.

Who teaches the PRWT courses?

Ms. Katheryn Krotzer Laborde, PRWT Director, came to academia after years of work as a public relations assistant, newsletter writer/editor, freelance feature writer, publicist, proof reader/editor, grant writer, and a general 'hired gun' who took on a variety of writing projects.

Dr. Bonnie Noonan has worked as a freelance technical editor for an engineering company, a contract writer for a painting company, and a technical writing instructor.  Her research on technical writing has appeared in Issues in Writing. 

Dr. Jason S. Todd spent several years working as a web designer, a job that required both new content creation and the repurposing of content from existing print publications for the Internet. 

Mr. Ralph Adamo has worked as an oral historian transcribing and summarizing interviews with old jazz musicians; as a scriptwriter for daytime television dramas; as a journalist reporting on subjects ranging from music to education to government; as speechwriter for a university president; and as a book reviewer for newspapers. He continues to work as an occasional free-lance reporter.

For more information contact Ms. Katheryn Krotzer Laborde at or 504-520-5151.