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dorm life We, the staff of the Office of Housing & Residence Life, would like to welcome you to Xavier University of Louisiana. It is both an honor and privilege to have you on board with us.

Our Office of Housing & Residence Life staff consist of professional and paraprofessional, Resident Directors, Hall Advisors and Resident Assistants. We are here to serve and assist you so that your transition to a collegiate environment is productive and rewarding.

Our administrative office is located in the University Center 'Äì Room 316R. Please feel free to stop by or contact us at or (504) 520-7321.

The OHRL staff looks forward to seeing you in the Fall.

Judy E. Bracy
Director of Housing & Residence Life


We recommend that you bring the following items for a smoother transition to the collegiate life style.

daily appointment book

wall calendar


desk lamp


family photos

quarters for laundry/snacks


social security card

bank card

state ID card or driver's license

raincoat and umbrella

prepaid calling card



The following are not allowed within the residence halls:

Weapons, Firearms, Explosives, Candles, Incense, Potpourri Burners, Hot Plates, Immersion Heaters or any Appliances with Exposed Heating Coils, Pets, Alcohol/Drug Paraphernalia, Window Air Conditioners, Dimmer Switches, Ceiling Fans, Electric Blankets, Barbeque Grills, Halogen Lamps, Space Heaters, and Microwaves.


We recommend that you bring the following items:

  • clothes hangers
  • power surge protector with minimum joule rating of 600
  • bed linen & pillows (twin or twin long)
  • blankets
  • mattress cover (twin or twin long)
  • alarm clock
  • metal trash can
  • pad lock
  • 3.5 cubic feet - refrigerator (larger than stipulated will not be permitted)
  • towels and wash cloths
  • plastic storage containers
  • shower cap & shoes
  • shower curtains - only for rooms in the Living Learning Center and/or St. Martin dePorres Halls
  • small stereo
  • small television (24"or less) (larger than stipulated will not be permitted)
  • iron
  • laundry basket
  • plastic ware
  • laundry supplies
  • computer security lock
  • shower curtains - Living Learning Center and St. Martin dePorres only
  • batteries and a flash light


There are some things that were established for your comfort and convenience. Please enjoy what we have provided for you.

Vending Machines


Internet Capabilities

Bed & Mattress



Security Doors


Educational Programs

Bulletin Boards


Computer Lines

Shopping Trips

Social Programs

Hall Council

Big Screen TV

Message Service

Study Area

A Caring Staff

Leadership Experience

Resident Assistants

A Growing Experience

24 Hr. Desk Staff

24 Hr./7 Day A Week Campus Police Patrol


New Orleans ' temperature range is generally 40 to 90 degrees (F). It is usually humid in spring and summer. Winters are generally mild but can be rainy. Snow is a rarity. Informal dress is the style on campus. Casual clothes are worn to class. Bare feet are not permitted. Sleepware is not permitted outside of the Residence Hall. Bring semiformal/formal attire, so that you may be prepared for social activities.


You are required to pay $20 Residence Hall dues. These dues will provide programs and activities for residents to participate in throughout the academic year.


  • Each resident is provided a twin bed 36x80". A desk, closet and storage/display shelves are provided in each resident's room. All suitcases and belongings must be able to be stored in your room. If you need additional storage space, there are nearby storage facilities for a fee.
  • We will provide 3-4 hand trucks to each hall to assist in getting luggage to your rooms.
  • Cooking is not permitted in your room because of fire safety regulations. Personal microwave ovens are not allowed. Microwaves are provided on each floor of the residence hall.
  • Internet access in each room. Local telephone service will be provided via the university's network. You must provide your personal telephone and access to long distance service by calling card. Free internet service is provided via the university's network.
  • We do not have campus accommodations for guests because of limited space. During orientation there are hotels nearby where parents/guests can reserve rooms. Please contact the Center for Leadership and Service Development for more information (504) 483-7361.


Xavier University of Louisiana has four Residence Halls:

St. Katharine Drexel (K.D.) is a six story building that houses female residents. Each floor has a community restroom and shower facilities. The hall has central cooling and heating. Each room is approximately 15'Äô x 11'Äô and houses two occupants.

St. Martin DePorres is a seven story facility which will house upper-class and has the capacity of 512. Each room is equipped for double occupancy and has a private bath. The hall has central cooling and heating controls in the room.

St. Michael Hall houses male students only. This three story residence hall has double and single room occupancy. There are community restrooms and showers facilities, central cooling and heating. The rooms are approximately 15'Äô x 13'Äô.

Living Learning Center is a five story upperclassmen residence hall. Each apartment/suite has private bath facilities. The hall has central cooling and heating. There are kitchenettes on each floor equipped with a microwave and vending machine.


St. Katharine Drexel
1 Drexel Drive
NO, LA 70125
(504) 520-7350

St. Martin DePorres
1001 South Jefferson Davis
New Orleans, LA 70125
(504) 520-5800

St. Michael Hall
1 Drexel Drive
New Orleans, LA 70125
(504) 520-7347

Living Learning Center
801 South Jefferson Davis
New Orleans, LA 70125
(504) 520-7799

Office of Housing & Residence Life