History & Mission

In 1988, Xavier University of Louisiana, in recognizing community involvement as an integral part of an undergraduate experience, established the Volunteer Services Center. Today, through the efforts of students, staff, and community members the Volunteer Services Center has expanded to include Service-Learning, New Student Orientation, and Student Leadership Development programs.

As a result of this expansion, the Center for Student Leadership and Service was created. The responsibility of the Center staff is to foster and maintain community partnerships and, most importantly, to ensure that student learning and development is at the forefront of all programming and/or activities. The Center for Student Leadership and Service was designed to promote student leadership and civic engagement by offering meaningful service projects, practical application of classroom theory through service-learning, frameworks for ethical principles and effective leadership skills, and avenues for self actualization and reflection.

As a unit of Student Services, the Center for Student Leadership and Service contributes directly to the University's Mission by implementing programs that will prepare students to assume roles of leadership and service in society. The ultimate purpose of the Center is to educate students so that they may become facilitators of social change.

To this end, the Center for Student Leadership and Service sites the following as its key functions:

  • To facilitate a new student transition program that assists new students and their families in the transition from their previous environment into Xavier University of Louisiana to promote student success and retention;
  • To engage students and faculty in a holistic Service-Learning program that compliments the academic curriculum and provide practical experiences to enhance learning;
  • To provide a comprehensive student volunteer program that promotes civic engagement and social responsibility in society; and
  • To prepare students to take on leadership roles in the Xavier University community and society by engaging them in interactive and practical experiences designed to teach effective and ethical leadership skills.