Service-Learning for Students

10 Misconceptions about Service-Learning(S-L)

1. There is no difference between Service-Learning and community service.

2. I can use my community service hours accumulated previously to count for a Service-Learning class I am presently taking.

3. S-L is only for students that are interested in going into Social Services.

4. My FRSM class counts toward my accumulated community service hours.

5. S-L projects do not have to be connected to the community in order for it to be approved.

6. I can bypass service in my freshman year of college if I want to..

7. I have to find my own transportation to the community site.

8. As long as I do some type of service, it will fulfill the requirement for my course.

9. I must complete S-L to graduate from Xavier.

10. It is not as heavily weighted as my other classes.