Service-Learning is a teaching and learning method that connects meaningful community service with academic learning, personal growth, community involvement, and civic responsibility. It is often said that experience is the best teacher. Service-learning is a kind of experiential education in which service is an aspect of the experience from which one learns. Through service-learning, students learn and develop by actively participating in thoughtfully organized service experiences.

The Service-Learning Program affirms that students make valuable contributions to society while gaining experience and learning through challenging community service endeavors. Students are given the opportunity to achieve academically, and to apply their knowledge and gain knowledge from their involvement in service that addresses immediate and long-term community needs.

Service-learning works hand-in-hand with faculty and community members to create conditions and experiences outside of the classroom that will enhance student learning and personal development. The old adage 'learning by doing' is the hallmark of service-learning. As a classroom resource, the community provides a valuable environment that can promote student learning. In conjunction with faculty, the Service-Learning office designs community-based experiences linked to course objectives that encourage student involvement in activities that have the potential to foster a wide range of learning and personal development among Xavier’s students.

Our program intends to:

Engage students in community service that allows them to practice and sharpen approaches of academic courses to meet community needs. Involve students in active learning experiences that inform academic inquiry.

Heighten students’ interest and engagement in academic texts, class discussions and assignments.

Place students in the learning contexts that enrich their understanding of the "real world".

Increase student commitment to community involvement, and sharpen their skills for working with others to benefit communities.

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