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All Mass Communication majors are required to complete either a three-credit internship (MSCM 4410) or three hours of MSCM practicum. Students are strongly encouraged to complete at least one internship for an outside professional media organization for credit. Students may use practicum credits for internships with outside organizations. Students who want to use practicum credits for internship credit must follow steps to applying for internship. Upon approval, the student will be referred to the appropriate practicum faculty for enrollment and practicum course requirements.

Internships can be paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time, but all media internships should be with a professional media organization. Typically, full-time internships take place during the summer and part-time internships take place during Fall & Spring semesters. An internship is defined as: working for an employer for a pre-determined period of time and completing qualitative work (i.e. you shouldn't be filing or getting someone coffee) that facilitates students' getting a feel for the various careers, departments and industry. Students should be provided with industry and job training, as well as opportunities to shadow one or more media professionals.

Internships and Professional Development

In addition to your degree, employers want evidence of professional experience, preferably through two or three internships. In some cases, internships can lead to a job offer at the place of internship. Internships provide valuable experiences that allow you to apply what you are learning in the classroom to a career path within your major. While you may like one media better than another, many of the skills you learn as an intern in one media will transfer to a career in another.

Internship Eligibility
Junior or Senior Status
Completion of at least 18 hours of MSCM courses

Under certain conditions students who are not currently eligible for enrollment in MSCM 4410 may enroll in practicum hours for an internship with an outside organization.

Internship Requirements

  • A minimum of 150 hours work over a semester or summer session*.
  • Supervision, training and or shadowing of media professionals
  • Related to the major in mass communication
  • Students may not intern with a media company with which they are employed or have been employed in the past.

*Minimum hours for practicum work may be less than 150, depending on enrolled hours in practicum and discretion of practicum faculty.

Internship Application Process

  • Begin by completing the Internship Approval Form and submitting to the Internship Course Director, Dr. Tia Smith, for approval.
  • Approval and search for your internship must begin in the semester prior to enrolling in the course for credit. e.g. If you plan on doing an internship during the summer session, the approval process and search must begin in January of the prior Spring semester.
  • You may (and are encouraged to) consult with other Mass Communication faculty about internships, but approval must be obtained from the Internship Course Director.
  • After the student has been approved as qualified for an internship, she or he may pursue an internship that has been deemed appropriate for the major.
  • After the student has been offered an internship by a media organization, the internship course contract must be completed and signed by the student, the on-site supervisor and the internship course director.
  • The student must enroll in the appropriate internship course or practicum during the appropriate pre-registration period.

Deadlines for Submitting Applications
Fall Semester:  September 30
Spring Semester:  January 31
Summer Session:  March 1

The Internship Course MSCM 4410*
On-the-job work experience is just one component of your overall program – your experience as an intern will build on the knowledge and skills you are gaining in the field. In this course, you will keep a journal, analyze and evaluate the intersections of academic and professional issues and complete a final paper addressing the experience. You'll also have the opportunity to discus with other interns the challenges and rewards of your experiences.

Course Requirements

  • Periodic On-Site Supervisor Progress Reports
  • Periodic meetings with Internship Course Director and other students enrolled in the course
  • Internship Journal
  • Mid-Term and Final Supervisor Evaluations
  • Portfolio
  • Presentation of Internship Evaluation during finals period

* Course requirements for practicum must be agreed upon by student and supervising Mass Communication faculty member.

For Employers
If you are a media related company looking for interns please contact:

Dr. Tia Smith

or Submit a Request for Intern


Current Internship Openings

AP Summer Internship

Ruder Finn Executive Trainee Program

Boston Globe 2011 Summer Internship Program

Pulliam Journalism Fellowship

Ehrhartd Group

Cox Sports Television

Southwest Airlines

Study Abroad Programs and Internships (Contact Xavier International Studies Office)

ABC News

Disney/ABC Television Group Diversity Programs

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National Association of Broadcasters

National Association of Black Journalists

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Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

The American Pavilion Cannes Student Filmmaker Program

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Internship Databases

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Media Diversity Programs
Most programs are for graduates or students who are about to graduate. Follow links for specific information about applications and deadlines.

CBS Writers Mentoring Program

Film Independent: Involve Industry track

Warner Brothers Writers' Workshop

Emma Bowden Foundation for Minority Interests in Media

DGA Student Filmmaker Awards

Where Students Intern
Xavier students have interned with the following companies.

Horizon Entertainment
The Ehrhartd Group
The Times-Picayune
American Pavilion Cannes International Film Festival (France)
Gwendolyn Entertainment
Cox Sports Television
Clear Channel