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Photo / Bulk Mail Requests


1. To request that pictures be taken, a PHOTO REQUEST FORM must be completed and returned in advance of the event to  the Office of Marketing & Communications (OMC). The form can be submitted in person [Xavier South, Suite 610], by fax 520-7933, or via email.

2. Requests for photos to be taken should be made at least 10 days in advance (but as early as possible) so that a photographer can be assigned. The OMC does not guarantee that requests for photos will be fulfilled. Call 520-7575 for more information.


THe OMC can assist departments, offices, or individuals planning to do bulk mailings using the official XU postal bulk permit. Departments/Offices/Individuals are required to have the mailing sheet signed and approved by the OMC office prior to mailing.  The Post Office will not accept any bulk mailings that have not been pre-approved. Departments planning a bulk mailing should contact U/MR several weeks in advance to make sure the mailing piece is properly coded and to ensure that sufficient funds are in the bulk mail account at the U.S. Post Office. Each Department/Office/Individual is responsible for paying the postage for their respective mailings. For more information please contact Richard Tucker at 520-5425.

Marketing & Communications


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