Office of Student Services

Reporting a Student Concern / Filing a Formal Complaint

Student complaints can be classified into four major areas: Academic, Non-academic, Discrimination or Harassment, or Appeals to any of these areas.

For a complaint concerning any of the following areas, please follow the link to the proper resource:

Academic Integrity CAS
Academic Integrity COP
Student Code of Conduct
Discrimination, Harassment or Sexual Misconduct

Xavier University practices a mutually respectful environment conducive to student learning and development. In doing so, the University acknowledges that students can offer valuable information about the performance of the university in meeting goals and providing services as part of our mission. Consistent with this aim, the University invites feedback and is committed to addressing student dissatisfaction. Each college generally presents their policies and procedures at Orientation or in catalogs or handbooks. When a problem or issue arises, students are advised to seek information and assistance through the various processes and procedures, including student governance organizations, instituted to receive and respond to student concerns regarding faculty/staff, another student, programs or services.

When registering concerns or complaints, students must follow the appropriate procedures. If a student has any question about the applicable procedure to follow for a particular complaint, the student should contact the Office Vice President for Student Services at (504) 520-7359 or Discussions may remain confidential until a student decides to take more formal action.

Student Complaint Form

Please refer to the Student Complaints Policy before filling out this form. This form is to be used to submit a formal complaint students have been unable to satisfactorily resolve with the faculty, staff, students or others involved.

Please complete all fields so your complaint may be directed to the proper university officials.

Complaints may be submitted anonymously; however, unless you include your contact information, the University will be unable to investigate your complaint or respond back to you regarding the subject matter.

For a complaint concerning any of these areas, please follow the link to the proper resource:

Academic Integrity Policy (College of Arts and Sciences / College of Pharmacy). Any student who wants to dispute a decision made regarding academic misconduct or academic dishonesty.

Student Code of Conduct. Any student misconduct that violates University Policy, Procedures or Standards

Discrimination, Harassment or Sexual Misconduct. Any student who has experienced treatment or consideration based upon ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or disability or any form of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment and sexual assault.  (contact Title IX Coordinator, Human Resources or Dean of Students)

Amendments or Termination of Policy. The University reserves the right to modify, amend or terminate these procedures at any time.

Office of Student Services